Walk-In Go-Karting.


To help make your visit to Accelerate the best it can be, we've created "Walk-In" racing. "Walk-In" allows you to race without a reservation, as long as we're not closed for the holidays or for a private event. Whether you're visiting us individually or with a group, simply walk into one our our locations and register at our iPad bar to receive your Racing License. Then, our team of trained instructors will walk you through important kart safety tips and procedures before you strap in and take on the track!Accelerate Indoor Speedway & Events is the perfect adrenaline rush for adult and junior racers age 8 and older looking to take on the thrills of indoor go-karting on F1-inspired karts that can reach 50MPH. So, whether you're an experienced racer with some free time, or a novice looking for an an adrenaline rush, change your speed and head to Accelerate Indoor Speedway & Events.


  • Junior kart racers must be at least 48″ tall and 8 years old.
  • Pro Kart racers must be at least 56″ tall, at least 13 years old and less than 300 lbs.
  • All racers must also be able to wear a helmet (which we provide) and fit in the kart seat with the safety harness attached.
  • Closed toe shoes are required (we have loaners and fresh socks if you need them).
  • Racers under 18 must be accompanied by the parent on their first visit or the child must bring
    THIS WAIVER signed by a parent along with a photocopy of the parent’s driver’s license.
  • Racers 18 and older must complete THIS WAIVER to race.
  • Do not race if you have any medical conditions including seizures, or heart or back issues. Consult your doctor if you are unsure if it is safe for you to race.

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