“Great time with racing Accelerate EE, Henry, Izzuddin, and crew today. Thanks Coach, Dakota for your safety tips and racing tips for the track. Very much appreciate all that the Dulles, VA crew does for the Junior Racing League.”

Had a “Team Building” event with my work family. We had a wonderful outing! Not crowded at all — we went mid-day during the week (best time to go). Customer service was excellent ( Caitlin G., was our host; she was awesome and very helpful). The carts are super fast; the ax throwing is a change of pace and fun as well. Highly recommend for a fun time out with family and/or friends!

WONDERFUL place! We went on a Thursday to avoid the weekend crowd! Shak and John were AWESOME! Axe throwing and racing both were the perfect ways to let off some steam. If you have a competitive streak, go with a friend and keep score during the axe throwing games. Good value package for axe throwing and racing combo. I’ll definitely be going back!

My son and I always have a blast when we visit. Brandon is very friendly and got us out on the track swiftly.

So much fun! The people working were on point and so helpful! Lil jon and Brenden, you guys are the real ones, kept everything rolling smooth and kept it fun for everyone, these guys don’t get paid enough, best customer service in the game! I’ll be back for that fastest lap time, y’all are some great energy to be around and I enjoyed my time and money spent wayyy to much! Thanks for giving us a great time. I’m still smiling and looking forward to my next encounter with y’all! Much appreciated.

What a great find! Totally unplanned, we discovered this fun, locally owned axe- throwing bar and more. Sky was terrific tending bar and Brian was a super throwing coach/ server. We were just visiting the area from Baltimore but highly recommend this to folks living in Chicago.

Had an amazing time! Fast go karts, clean facility and staff is amazing!

Sam M

I’ve worked with this company and am blown away not just by their culture, engaged employees, and gorgeous facilities (which are perfect for combining rip-roaring fun and a meeting/training session), but also their $10,000 all electric go-karts are mind-blowing.

Mike Weinberg

I would give this place 10 stars if I could! What an amazing experience…it was just pure fun, fun, fun!

Kathe S.

It was fun to have an idea of how to drive since i’ve never been behind the wheel of a vehicle before.


The presentation taught me that I had to pay attention and change my speed at different points on the track.


Made the connection with friction and the tires when I spun out.


Food was great, it was fun to watch the teachers race, the arcade games were fun.


Fun, fun fun! Did I say fun?!


Pit crew amazing! Came with my family for a junior party Sunday… the girl with the blue hair made sure they all were secured in their carts each time. Kids loved it.

Justice Pryor

My friends and I went there for a bachelor party and we had an amazing time! The karts and axes are why we went there, but the friendly staff and the great experience are why we’re coming back!

Devin Vallee

This is a great place for children as well as adults. The service was outstanding!! I will definitely return.


Great Fun! Came with my family today and enjoyed every minute! 10/10 would recommend to everyone!

Brandie Mccord

Had such a great experience. The staff at the front desk were amazing. Highly recommend for all events.

Mateusz Zieminski

This place is OFF THE CHAIN (street parlance) OMG I had so much fun. I’ll be back!!!

Eddie Meeks III

The price is so worth it!! High speed fun. Axe throwing, an arcade and a bar. Recommend for any group looking for fast fun.

Warren Baczynski

Excellent place for an adult date night!! Karting, Drinks & Food, along with good hospitality from our waitresses Kara and Issac.

M Stewart

The staff is so nice and does a great job keeping the kids safe. My son loves racing here.

T Smith

Le Mans

Track 1


Track 2


Each of our tracks are completely indoors, offering perfect racing conditions every day. Accelerate's karting tracks are professionally and designed to maximize speed and safety, and are accompanied by “reflexive” barrier systems.


Professionally designed Grand Prix-style tracks


Advanced safety “reflexive” barrier system


High-tech timing system. Accurate to 1/100th of a second


Live lap times displayed for racers and results printed at the end of each race


Up to ten karts racing simultaneously on each track



At Accelerate, we skip the gimmicks and get straight to exhilarating races, comfortable facilities, and fully customizable a la kart options for any event. Our Event Sales Managers will help you prepare every detail.

Don’t settle for another slow party. Gather your team, strap in, and race on!

READY TO RACE? Start planning your visit.


What are the age & height requirements?

For our Junior Karts, the minimum age and height requirement is at least 8 years old and at least 48 inches tall. For our Pro Karts, the minimum age and height requirement is at least 13 years old and at least 56 inches tall.

What is the Speedway License for?

With our Speedway License, you’ll receive your own race mask as well as covers all equipment rentals. This also activates your account where you can save unused races for future use and saves all of your stats and scoring. You will also have access to special offers like our free birthday race!

Do you have 2 seater karts?

All of our karts are single seats. You must meet both the age and height requirement to race.