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We celebrate four holidays on February 14 at Accelerate Indoor Speedway & Events, and we celebrate for one full week, not just a day. Come in any time between February 7 and February 14, and you can take advantage of some of the best racing, axe throwing, and video games, and in the locations where it’s offered, dining specials of the year. BOOK IN CHICAGO BOOK IN MILWAUKEE There’s really something for everyone here, and before you get started, it’s important to decide just which holiday you will be celebrating. To help, we’ve provided this simple, hardly scientific study. Simply...
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How Fast Does This Kart Go?

“How fast does this thing go?” It doesn’t matter if you’re a kid or fully grown looking at a sports car, an ATV, a motorcycle, a jet ski, a boat, a motorized skateboard, or a superfast go-kart (or more accurately, “pro kart”) at Accelerate Speedway & Events. You’ve just gotta ask. You’ve just gotta know. Well, in the case of the sports car, the top speed on the speedometer can be a little deceptive, and you might not have the guts to push the motorcycle, or the skateboard for that matter, to its limits, but in the case of the...
Things To Know

Can you catch The Grinch?

Okay, maybe it’s time I admitted that I have a problem. I just love stealing presents. You’d think I would learn a lesson. I also love racing go-karts, and like any common scoundrel, deep down, I want to get caught. That’s where you come in. Think you’re fast? Think you’re capable of beating me in a bare-knuckle, high-speed chase in Italian-made, Formula 1-inspired pro karts capable of reaching speeds up to 50 mph all on an expert track? I bet you can’t. Yeah, you think you’re fast, but I don’t think you’re fast enough. You see, when I’m not stealing...
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Change Your Speed

If you’re looking for something different, you need look no further than Accelerate Indoor Speedway & Events. High-speed thrills in Italian-made, Formula 1-inspired pro-karts can reach speeds up to 50 miles per hour. Whenever you have a need for speed, “go karting near me” is just minutes away. Our full-sized, air-cooled,  indoor karting super speedway the size of two football fields at Accelerate can accommodate groups of any size, whether it’s a few friends, a large-scale corporate event, or simply time with your son, daughter, or other family and friends. Reserve Online Or Arrive And Drive If you want to plan...

Welcome to Accelerate Indoor Speedway & Events

Veloce Speedway is now Accelerate Indoor Speedway & Events. Here, you will find the same fast karts that are about to get a little faster (more on that later) plus axe throwing, arcade games, and VR. In fact, Accelerate is one of the only centers in the country to have Omniverse Arena with its proprietary pods that allow you to freely roam around spectacular and sometimes terrifying worlds.The fastest indoor go-karts in the Waukesha and Pewaukee area race on a challenging course. When you are looking for “go-karting near me,” you need to look no further than just around the...
Indoor Karting at Accelerate Speedway and Events
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Accelerate Chicago Teambuilding

Catch greatness by chasing fun. Invest in the process, not in the outcome. It’s the mantra that brings together the world’s greatest guides, teachers, coaches, and leaders. Of course, in business, sports, or any other team activities, outcomes are what keep you in the game. Yet, when you focus solely on outcomes and are only happy when things go exactly your way, you set yourself and your team up for disappointment and ultimately failure. Not to mention, nothing beats the adrenaline rush and dopamine hit that comes from winning. The key to winning early and often, though, comes from practice...
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