The real story behind International Go Kart Week

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International Go Kart Week is recognized by the most authoritative reference available on special events: Chase’s Calendar of Events.

How It All Began…

Go Karting started in California in September of 1956 when Art Ingels removed a West Bend 2-cycle 750 engine from a lawn mower. He placed it on a simple tubular chassis and with semi-pneumatic tires. This is the moment that the first Go-kart was born.

International Go Kart Week (#GoKartWeek) is seven days in September dedicated to celebrating the rich history and all american experience of racing Go Karts. 

Chase’s Calendar of Events

Even though it never received an official name, many in the Karting world refer to it as Kart No. 1 or simply “The West Bend”. The small engine only delivered 2 Horsepower. However, little did Ingles know that he was just created a whole new sensation that would eventually grow to worldwide levels.  He drove the kart to the Pomona Sports Car Races. Some locals saw the potential and decided to manufacture on a larger scale.

Duffy Livingstone & Roy Desbrow decided to start Go-Kart Manufacturing Co. Inc in 1958. Soon, Ingles got together with the man that helped him create Kart No. 1 and established the Ingels-Borelli Kart Company. The two men then help form the American Kart Manufacturer’s Association. Many races were run in these early Go Karts in Pasadena and eventually, it grew so big that all the karting enthusiasts created The Go Kart Club of America. However, this karting sensation over time gained popularity across the world and the Go Kart Club of America eventually became The International Karting Federation (IKF) 

The Future of Karting

Go Kart Racing is now known worldwide and it is estimated that over 1.6 billion people have raced go-karts. Karts now can produce an incredible 18 horsepower and beyond and the electric karts have immediate throttle response making for an amazing experience with superb performance during a race. 

What started as a Lawnmower engine used to craft the first go-kart in 1956 has now evolved into the amazingly fast electric Pro-karts used by Accelerate

There are even huge competitions worldwide such as the American E-Kart Championship which is hosted Annually. It brings over 20 participating track champions to battle it out in electric go-karts under one roof to determine the Nation’s best. The entry into championships like this is through local leagues held at indoor electric go-kart tracks across the US.

Come Out & Celebrate #GoKartWeek

go-karting for ladies

International Go Kart Week (#GoKartWeek) is an entire week in September dedicated to celebrating the history and experience of driving Go Karts.

Each year during #GoKartWeek Autobahn and other karting facilities host a series of different events from discounted rates, to fun nights to dress up as your favorite racer to help you celebrate the history of karting. 

We hope you take this time to go celebrate now and jump into a go-kart at your nearest Accelerate Indoor Speedway location

We encourage everyone to spread the word by using the hashtag #GoKartWeek!

Donald Wagner – Commissioner of American E-Kart Championship

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