The Perfect Chicago Date Night Idea: Accelerate

by | Jul 12, 2018 | Uncategorized

What’s your go-to Chicago date night idea? There are plenty of options around, but how do you know which one’s right for you? And beyond that, how do you keep from getting comfortable and choosing the same one over and over?

It’s time to branch out and try a new date night! Whether you’re in a relationship that could use some new date nights, or you’re looking to impress someone on a first date, go-kart racing, dinner, and drinks at Accelerate are the perfect solution.

Here are 6 reasons Accelerate is the perfect date night idea for you and your date:

  1. The competition. Some competition is sure to help spice up your date nights! If you’re a competitive couple, this is especially perfect for you. See who the better racer is, and even bet on the winner. Maybe the winner picks the next date night, or the loser has to pay for drinks after the race. Keep coming back to Accelerate to complete some more!
  2. The coaching opportunity. If you’re not a competitive couple or your date doesn’t know much about racing, take this opportunity to help coach them up and teach them a few things. This is a great way to grow closer, connect more, and share something you love to do.
  3. The price. Chicago date nights can get pricey, but go-kart racing at Accelerate doesn’t have to be. We offer plenty of combos and specials to help bring down the cost and give you more for less. Check out our regular deals here.
  4. The Accelerate difference. Break the cycle of boring date nights like dinner and a movie. What’s better than adding in some adrenaline to a fun date night? We even have an exciting arcade and a fully stocked bar and grill to help give you the full exciting experience.
  5. The flexibility. Last-minute date night? No problem! You never need to make a reservation; just arrive and drive. Everyone loves a spontaneous date night!
  6. The cleanliness. No one wants to smell bad or feel gross after a date night, but it can be tough to find a fun, exciting option that doesn’t have that ending. However, at Accelerate, you can enjoy an indoor facility equipped with air conditioning so you likely won’t break a sweat. Our karts are also electric, meaning no gas or exhaust fumes!

When it’s time to plan your next date night, check out Accelerate for a fun, unique Chicago date night idea. See what racing real, Italian-made go-karts at 50 MPH feels like, but know you’re always safe in our state-of-the-art facility. Check out all that you need to know about Accelerate here and get ready for an awesome date night!

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