“I have been wanting to do this forever!!! Finally, I found some ladies to go with me…woo hoo! Our instructor was Coach Caleb and he was awesome. He showed us a few tricks and just let us go at it! Once we got the hang of it, Caleb showed us some games…and there was a little friendly competition. It is so much fun!!! And once you get the hang of it… and you make a bullseye…you feel pretty darn great let me tell ya!!!

I highly recommend it for any day of the week whether you are alone (maybe take out some frustrations) or with friends. It’s a great stress reliever for sure…I know, because I needed it!!! I think it’s a unique evening out with the guys, gals, or couples. It can also be a great family activity for kids 13+. You won’t be disappointed!

In case you don’t know, this is at the indoor speedway. There is a restaurant and bar inside as well and there is ample parking. Plus, they give a veteran discount (thank you bunches).”