Summer Is When The Fun Begins And The Learning Doesn’t Stop

by | Apr 7, 2023 | Things To Know

Summertime and the livin’ are breezy. There’s nothing like the feeling of the wind flying in your face while racing around the track in karts that can reach speeds up to 50 miles per hour in the perfect weather of the Great Indoors.

Summer Camp at Accelerate Speedway and Events

Yes, summer is that time when the days are long and so full of possibility. And when you make Accelerate Indoor Speedway & Events your summer camp destination, you can race to your heart’s content and go home smarter than your mind ever imagined.  It’s the time when the fun begins and the learning doesn’t end.

At an Accelerate Indoor Speedway & Events summer camp, you can learn so much by doing and having fun. You will learn about electronics, mechanics, geometry, and other STEM disciplines, all while competing against your friends and others on the track. 

In fact, the Autobahn STEM program is a Next Generation Science- and Common Core-approved curriculum designed to provide real-world lessons. Here’s a story from a group in Pennsylvania where racers and academics came together to race and learn. 

A summer camp at Accelerate, where there is never a slow minute, allows you to enjoy experiential learning, a technical term for learning while doing. At Accelerate Indoor Speedway & Events, we prefer learning while playing. 

Now if the idea of racing around a track in a Formula 1-inspired, Italian-made electric go kart or prokart sounds like nothing more than a good day off, well you’ve never had the opportunity to learn on the track. You can learn about physics, engineering, mechanics, mathematics, geometry, physical education, environmental, and other lessons. That is, if you can keep up. In fact, just one school day at Autobahn Indoor Speedway & Events can make every student a fast learner.

Developed by experienced STEM educators, the STEM Academy serves students nationwide in grades 3-12. Every participant learns the history of racing, the science behind speed, acceleration and friction, Newton’s Laws of Motion, momentum, mathematics (degrees, angles and turns) and reading/language arts (racing vocabulary, safety and terminology) in an onsite classroom lesson. 

Each student has the hands-on, 21st century experiential learning opportunity to apply what they’ve learned while driving a go-kart on the race track and will be joined by leading educators all along the way.

The Accelerate Indoor Speedway STEM Academy is part of a growing national trend of experiential learning, where students learn by doing. Working together with renowned educators, we have made this STEM program something that not only keeps students’ attention, yet provides lessons they will retain long after leaving the track.

Indoor Karting at Accelerate Speedway and Events

“We’re looking forward to working with educators from around the country in providing world-class, memorable lessons. In the future, we will be adding learning modules that include green, sustainable energy as our onsite solar panels generate enough electricity to power our zero emission electric karts,” says David Larson, general manager, Accelerate Indoor Speedway & Events.

While the track appeals to all ages, Accelerate makes a special commitment to area youth. The indoor go kart racing facility has supported Special Olympics and provided distracted driving courses and demonstrations to youth in multiple locations.

Accelerate features two Grand Prix-style indoor tracks and next-generation Italian-made, electric karts with touchscreens, boost buttons, speakers to simulate a Formula 1 engine that can reach speeds up to 50 miles per hour, along with multiple places to watch all the action. 

At Accelerate Indoor Speedway, everyone can be a race driver with F1-like handling and the warp speed-like acceleration that only electric karts can offer. 

The company provides racing techniques instruction to newcomers and offers competitive leagues to more seasoned drivers. There are even Junior Karts (with a little slower speeds) suitable for the younger crowd if they are at least 48″ tall.

So, you can start the school year knowing that you had a great time and learned a lot. Maybe, you will return to school happier and smarter than ever.

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