Play To Win

by | Dec 22, 2021 | Racing Tips

Accelerate to the limit, Play to Win and Reach Your Goals. 

At Accelerate Indoor Speedway & Events, we know it isn’t just about grinding it to be number one. You are already a winner by just racing through the track all the way through the finish line–and beyond!

Bring joy to your life by doing the things you love. As the old saying goes, love what you do, and you’ll never work a day again. For us, it’s impossible not to love our job, and the best part is that we get to share it with you. Few things in life are as thrilling as racing through a kart track, and after all that excitement, you can enjoy a refreshing drink or eat a delicious meal, all in the same place. 

If you leave happy, you have already won.

We have one mission in life, and that is to make sure we are the absolute best part of your day. Nothing makes us happier than making you happy. But that’s not all we want to do. We also want to fuel the rest of your week with extra happiness, so you can share it with everyone around you. 

Seize the moment, and enjoy what you are doing. 

Racing towards the fun line.  

Go Kart Racing at Accelerate Indoor Speedway

We are always looking for new ways to entertain you. While our Formula 1-inspired racing track and competitive axe throwing are the pillars of our business, we are continuously pushing the envelope, finding new and exciting things to bring you. 

On that note, very soon we’ll be adding VR and arcade games. Our goal is to ensure that every time you visit Accelerate Speed, you’ll find something new.

If you have fun, you and we have already won. We want you and everyone around you to enjoy yourselves, have one-of-a-kind experiences and create a lasting memory of your day at Accelerate Speed. We also want our people to win, to find the thrills they are looking for, and move forward in life. We want the people who host their events at our locations to have a wonderful learning experience and leave a better person.

Play to Win at Accelerate. 

Accelerate Speed isn’t just about axe throwing, kart racing, VR, arcade games, parties, or team-building exercises. We are more than that. We are the place where you come to have fun, clear your head, find joy, and hold onto it for days to come.