Party like a Stark or a Lannister Game Of Thrones style with an Axe Throwing Party

by | Apr 15, 2019 | Axe Throwing

You do not have to be born of royal blood to party like the high born from the Game of Thrones. A private axe throwing a party is an energizing group activity that isn’t something you get to do every day. And even though you’ll feel like you’re storming Winterfell it’s completely safe! We promise you won’t end up like Joffrey… but you may end up crowned the new King or Queen.

In the Seven Kingdoms, you need to be prepared for anything.  That is why Accelerate Axe provides a personal Axe Coach to teach you awesome new axe throwing skills. They are also there to make sure you have Game of Thrones levels of fun and spark up a little healthy competition among friends (or should we say frenemies?).

Everything worth doing requires a good plan of attack.   So start by appointing your own Jaime Lannister to organize the troops for your personalized group gathering. With both Public and Private Group reservations Accelerate Axe locations can accommodate from 2 to 64 people (but book early to guarantee a spot!). 

Once you’re through the doors, you’ll be appointed a private axe coach to teach you how to train for the night’s watch at Castle Black. You’ll not only learn how to throw an axe, but how to finesse it with trick shots and add your own personal flair. 

Once your team of savages is ready you’ll participate in fierce throwing rounds and then engage in a final throwing competition to determine who is the ultimate Kingslayer. 

There are no limitations to who will run the Seven Kingdoms – that individual may be more of a Lady Tarth or Arya – axe throwing is equally easy yet challenging for any gender and the lady of the house is many times crowned the champion.

With colder months upon us, an inside event at Accelerate Axe Throwing is the perfect way to keep temperatures high and stay active. If it feels like you’re becoming a Nightwalker then take the reins and book an axe-throwing party by following this [link]! 

Your clan will be armed with new routines and learn focus and skills that they’ll take with them into their own battlefields.

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