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If you're looking for hi-speed indoor go-kart racing leagues and clinics near you, look no further than Accelerate! Each of our locations feature frequent opportunities to come out and race against other go-kart enthusiasts in your area. Our leagues are open to drivers of all skill levels aged 13 and older. The skills and knowledge acquired in go-karting clinics will help improve a racers overall driving abilities while giving them the confidence to challenge the front runners at their track.


Test your driving skills against other open wheel racing enthusiasts! Featuring private and public leagues, drivers 13 and older and of all skill levels are invited to come out and compete in our 6 to 8-week long leagues.

  • 6 to 8-week long racing leagues occurring 3-4 times per year
  • Race against drivers in your skill range with three different classes of driver: Junior, Varsity and Adult Leagues
  • 3 heats per race, Grid Starts and Rolling Starts Included!
  • Advanced Point System updated weekly


Enduro karting allows teams to compete against each other in an extended race format.

  • 6-10 teams per Enduro
  • 3-10 people per team
  • 1 to 3 hours long


Clinics are held throughout the year for racers of all ages and skill levels. Learn safety procedures, hi-speed karting basics and how to master the track.

  • Group and personal, 1 on 1 clinics with a karting professional
  • Classroom Time
  • Track Walks
  • Learning a professional racing line
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