The new Season of the American E-kart Championship is in full swing and YOU can win $10,000!

The American E-Kart Championship prides itself as a racing series in which a “Regular Joe” or Regular Jill” such as a nurse, a police officer, a retired engineer, a 15 year old, or a truck driver can take be named America’s Fastest E-Kart Racer.  In this competition racers from across the country race for the title and battle it out under one roof in Chicago for 3 nights of fast paced, intense indoor electric karting.

Where can you participate?

The best part about this competition is that Accelerate Indoor Speedway is one of the founding tracks of this amazing go kart racing series!

To participate all you need to do is join the league.

$10,000 is on the line – will YOU be crowned America’s Fastest E-Kart Racer?

You might even end up on ESPN like these racers did! For more info check out THE Go Kart Racer Podcast!

American E-Kart Championship