How to Plan a Fun Family Night out at Accelerate

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Finding an activity to do as a family that everyone agrees on can be quite the challenge, especially when all the kids want something a little different. The best way to cure the family night planning blues? Head on over to Accelerate! We know that you’re always driving in the fast lane, so we’ve helped you out with this guide for a fun family night out that everyone will enjoy.

Decide on a Day

Being able to find a day that works for everyone can be pretty close to impossible. Sometimes it might just be a spur of the moment when everyone’s schedule finally aligns. At Accelerate, you don’t have to worry about planning ahead; all you have to do is arrive and drive. Whatever works for you is sure to work for us!

Come Ready to Race

Kids have a serious need for speed and can be impatient when it comes to getting into their kart and on the track. That’s why we’ve made it easy for your family to get ahead by filling out waivers before you show up. That way, as soon as you step out of the car you focus on what’s truly important – beating the kids.

Choose Your Number of Races

One race, three races, race all day long – it’s totally up to you! We offer lots of deals and specials throughout the week that can help you get the most bang for your buck. Plus, you’re probably going to want more than just one chance at coming out on top.

Choose Your Other Activities

Did you know we offer more than just racing? You can also enjoy axe throwing, an arcade, food and refreshments, and even virtual reality! You might even need to come back for another family night out later to tackle all of them!

Agree on Dinner Before or After You Race

Trust us, you’re going to work up quite the appetite after all of those laps on the track. Decide whether you want to eat dinner before or after the race. We suggest after. You are going to be racing in circles, after all. But maybe you need to fuel yourself with enough energy to wipe away the competition on the track. Grab a bite to eat at Victory Lap, our very own bar & grill right inside the facility.

After a family night out at Accelerate, your kids are going to be begging you for more! If your little racer is now a complete go-kart enthusiast, you can sign them up for a racing league or clinic. Have a warrior who discovered a love for axe throwing? We’re also part of the World Axe Throwing League. We’ll warn you though, they’ll become a pro in no time, and you can kiss your chances of winning a family night out at the track goodbye!

Ready to get your family out the door and on the track? Let’s get started!

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