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by | Aug 17, 2023 | Axe Throwing

Find Your Edge & Impress Your Friends!

Qualify for the World Axe Throwing Championship or simply unleash your Inner Warrior.

  • D&D Dungeon Master
  • Video Gamer
  • Kick Baller
  • Axe Thrower

Be honest with yourself. If someone asked you what you do with your spare time, and you had to select just one of the options above based on what sounds the most impressive, which one would it be?

If you’re like most people, there would be only one choice–”D”–because few things sound more daring than throwing a sharp, shiny blade into a wooden target. It’s primal, fearless, maybe even “foxy” to use a vintage, in-again, out-again term.

In the words of past World Axe Throwing Champion Ben Edgington (hard to imagine a better name), axe throwing is becoming so popular because it “looks dangerous but is actually pretty safe.”


At Accelerate Axe, we take axe throwing, and especially the safety part, very seriously. Before making a single throw, our axe coaches will go through every single detail of how to skillfully and safely start enjoying this cutting edge craze.

You will learn the one-hand, overhand throw, perhaps the one most people think of first because it’s the most like throwing a baseball. Simply take the axe in your dominant hand, line it up, concentrate on the target, and let it go.

Your coach will also teach you the two-hand, overhead throw, which looks a little more like a soccer throw. This method, which can give some people a bit more power, also has the advantage of lining up through the center point of your body, possibly leading to more accuracy.


Axe Throwing at Accelerate Indoor Speedway


Finally, there’s the one-hand, underhand throw that can be hard to master, yet so satisfying as the momentum and kinetic energy from the weight of the blade makes  it almost feels as if the axe is throwing itself.

Most beginning and intermediate axe throwers experiment with the different methods before settling on one. Some champions even have reworked their throwing mechanics in their quest for the perfect throw.

Regardless, there is nothing more fun or satisfying than landing a throw in a wooden bullseye or “kill shot” as you can almost feel the sound of accomplishment.

Whether you are with a few friends or planning a corporate team-building event, you will find that axe throwing is fun for everyone, and you just might be surprised who ends up with the most skills.

Now, let’s go back to those four options at the beginning. Axe throwing doesn’t just make you look good. It’s also a lot of fun. Once you get the hang of it, it’s just as fun as exploring imaginary worlds, chasing the leaderboard, or even kicking a homerun. It’s social and relaxing.

It’s kind of like darts for the cool kids.

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