Destination with Fun

by | Mar 28, 2022 | Things To Know

There’s great fun and enjoyment to be had. It’s halfway across the globe and just around the corner. We’re constantly seeking the next enjoyable thing as humans, which is OK as long as we don’t miss out on the enjoyment. If there’s one thing these last two years have taught us, basic joys don’t need much effort. There’s nothing more exciting than feeling the wind in your hair racing through bends in a Formula 1-inspired pro kart that can achieve speeds of up to 50 miles per hour or the primal joy of slicing a wooden bullseye with an axe.

Axe Throwing at Accelerate Speedway and Events


 Think Young. Enjoy Yourself.

“Think Young” is our slogan, which we remind our employees and consumers of every day. “Enjoy yourself.” It signifies never losing or letting go of that innocent delight or “Hold onto 16 as long as you can,” as musician John Cougar Mellencamp sang. 

More than any other time of year, Spring break exemplifies the spirit of young joy. That one lovely week (really 11 days) serves as a delectable precursor to the summer break as the official vacation for family enjoyment, whether you go to a warmer region, get in some late-season skiing, or travel to an exotic destination, or remain at home.

Apart from the fact that it is so accessible, meaning no lengthy car rides or airport queues, the best thing about Accelerate Indoor Speedway & Events is immediate enjoyment for everyone. So, speed freaks, get ready for Accelerate Indoor Speedway, a European-style indoor go-karting facility sweeping the nation. Thanks to full-time climate control, indoor electric go-kart racing in our extensive, state-of-the-art facilities is always done in optimum circumstances. Our electric Italian pro-style go-karts can achieve up to 50 MPH on our Grand Prix-type circuits.

And don’t forget about our competitive, safe, and fun axe throwing with friendly axes. Throwing war axes is said to be a centuries-old European ritual. Despite changes in the current day, these competitions continue to be enjoyed by men and women alike. Our Axe Coaches are always on the lookout for dangers since that is our first concern. They’ll make sure you understand the fundamentals of safe axe throwing during your time with them. All ages 13+ are welcome to join the axe throwing craze.

We have something for everyone in the family at Accelerate Indoor Speedway & Events. But, what’s more, to ask? Spring break is FUN Break, and if you come Monday through Thursday, you may enjoy our unique weekday-only packages and the ultimate Family Fun experience. Whether you prefer the adrenaline rush of racing, the cutting-edge skills of axe throwing, or the mind-bending shivers of virtual reality, the crowds are less, and the rates are cheaper. It’s everything here, and the best part is that you can always come back tomorrow if you have had a lovely time.

Book in advance, or show up and drive.

To visit, make a reservation at or just come in. The excitement of the great indoors is waiting for you and your family whenever you feel the need to have some fun. Consider how young you are. Have a good time every day.