Your Local Accelerate Just Got Better!

From authentic, slow-smoked, Kansas City-style BBQ to fast-paced, intense Virtual Realty action, your local Accelerate offers more family fun than ever. 

While it’s often called the best barbecue city in the world and home to the largest organization of barbecue and grill enthusiasts on the planet, Kansas City barbecue can rarely be enjoyed east of the Mississippi. Until now, because Victory Lap just transformed itself into a Kansas City-style barbecue joint with local craft beer, food-friendly wines and tempting desserts. 

With slow-smoked ribs, burnt ends, brisket, pulled pork, and chicken, with the perfectly balanced sweet/tangy sauce with a little zip, mouthwatering pork, bacon, and beef burgers, Victory Lap will “delight and surprise people expecting a standard food counter at an amusement center,” says David Larson, managing partner, who grew up in the Chicago Southland area. “We’re set to offer unforgettable experiences and crave-worthy food, and we expect that the restaurant will become a destination in itself.”

KC BBQ with a Southern Accent

Multiplayer Virtual Reality

“What I really like about the Omni is the ability to run…that’s what sets it apart.”

Mitchell Collins, aka Mithykyl

“Competition aside, Omni Arena is just fun. I highly recommend it to everyone.”

Jonathan Soares, aka YABUsername

“I used to never come here. Now I’m a regular!”


“We practically bring friends and family every month.”

Joshia Soares, aka Human



The Crossroads of American Barbeque, Kansas City brings together the best of Tennessee and North Carolina combined with Texas and a little hint of the Southwest. Slow smoked with special Hican (Hickory/Pecan) wood, Victory Lap makes KC BBQ a little gentler and maybe just a little quirkier.



Victory Lap BBQ Social features Kansas City-style barbeque, local craft beer, a full liquor bar, and tempting desserts. Enjoy slow-smoked ribs, burnt ends, brisket, pulled pork, and chicken, all with the perfectly balanced sweet/tangy sauce with the perfect amount of zip. Mouthwatering bacon and beef burgers are also available.

Victory Lap

Multi-Player Virtual Reality Arena

Omni Arena was featured in Steven Spielberg’s “Ready Player One” movie. We are proud to bring it to your Jacksonville store in mid-January. Ours is one of only 65 in the world and will be the only one in the Jacksonville area. Experience full freedom of movement in virtual reality. This exclusive experience provides the only way to run at full speed inside VR games, with no boundaries. There are six completely different exciting new VR experiences to choose from and 95% of players say they’d like to play again. Arriving in late Feburary.

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