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Awesome Karting Competitions


Whether you are a novice racer or an experienced racer, young or old (but really young at heart) we offer many different competition options for you. Adults Leagues, Junior Leagues, 3HR Team Endurance races, Ironman Endurance races, and even King of the Hill events. Most of the events earn playoff points for the American E-Kart Championship powered by Monster Energy and could lead to you winning $10,000.



With several competition options available we know it can get overwhelming to decide what to join. For this reason we host Meet and Greet nights before each new league season begins to give all racers an opportunity to get their toes wet and try our competition programs without being committed. All races during this event will be run according to league format. Bring your family or friends with you and talk to the staff or other league racers about their experiences and what you can expect.

Once you have decided to be a part of one of our competition events we offer a couple different options of payment for the entry fee. Early Bird pricing is our most popular, offering a discount if you purchase your spot for the season(or event) well ahead of time.



The first night of League, or the night of your competition event, you will be greeted by our friendly staff at check in and directed to the room for the Drivers Meeting. Here you will get your first chance to meet all the other drivers. This is a great opportunity to make new friends that share a similar interest.

During the Drivers Meeting our Competition Director will cover all rules, points systems, and safety items diligently. Throughout the season we will do our best to connect with new league racers and assist them in shaving those last few tenths of a second to be competitive, and we will always encourage our seasoned racers to do the same.



If you arrive early for the Drivers Meeting there will be free warm up heats available on a first come basis. This is a great opportunity not only to get your blood flowing, but also to assist us in vetting our karts one final time before the night starts. Our dedicated Competition Teams will do everything they can to ensure safe, fair and respectful racing from all competitors throughout the season or event.


At the end of each league the winners will be announced at the track during our League Celebration event. This is a Potluck style family event to celebrate 8 weeks of hard racing, friendships made, and on track rivalries developed along the way. You have competed with the best of the best at your location, perhaps finished your first racing season, increased your racing IQ, and progressed your race craft. You will have a lot to be proud of, as well as some good memories along the way!



Competition Events through out the year earn playoff points for the American E-Kart Championship powered by Monster Energy. At the conclusion of the AEKC season these points are used to seed the playoffs at each location. This knockout style event will take several quality racers and crown just one as the Track Champion. All Track Champions will be invited to the annual AEKC Championship to race for a shot at $10,000!


The Guarantee

We guarantee that we will do everything we can to provide the best karting competition experience possible for all of the participants by connecting with our racers and ensuring a safe event with fair and friendly competition.

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