Chase The Bunny

by | Apr 2, 2023 | Racing Tips, Things To Know

You’ve probably heard of my brother. He’s the Easter Bunny. He’s thoughtful, rarely talks, and like the treats he leaves behind, is really sweet. Yes, and I don’t think you would chalk the entire comment up to sibling rivalry if I were to say he’s a bit boring.

Chances are, though, you’ve never ever heard of me. My name is, “Finn” aka “The Funny Bunny.” I’m nothing like my brother. I’m mischievous, and some people say I’m a bad bunny. No doubt, I’m a stinker as every spring, I dig up people’s daffodils, and hand out caramel covered onions. I also have been known to steal some of my brother’s candy and give him a wedgie whenever the chance presents itself.

What really sets me apart, though, is my skill behind the wheel of an all electric, Formula 1-inspired, Italian-made go kart/pro kart that can reach speeds up to 50 miles per hour at Accelerate Indoor Speedway & Events.

Catch the Easter Bunny

Now, you probably think you’re pretty fast, which is why I’m going to challenge you to a race. If you can catch me (You won’t.) and make a complete buffoon of yourself (maybe even lapped), you can win a prize. It might be some candy or T-shirt I stole or something big, like a gift card or an Xbox.

Like the Easter Bunny himself, I don’t stay around very long each year. So you better hurry, or you might miss all the fun.


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