Accelerate Chicago Social Events

by | May 15, 2022 | Chicago, Things To Know

Life is a party when you get to go fast.

Fun is something too good to not be shared. At Accelerate, we live by the motto, “Think young. Have fun.” This means we believe that the more fun you can have, especially with others, the better.

Now, think of the last time you were part of a group that had a lot of fun, so much fun that you had to post it everywhere and share it with your friends and family, something you just couldn’t wait to do again.

Chances are, it was a party that had all the elements that make a great event, well, a great event. There was probably food, plenty of interaction, and something for everyone to do. It could have been something new to some of the participants, and it could have included something others had long since discovered and wanted to share.

There was a chance to talk, a chance to eat, and a chance to chase a thrill or two, maybe even compete.

At Accelerate Indoor Speedway & Events, we like to think we have something for everyone. If you want to race a smooth, Formula 1-inspired, Italian-made pro kart that can reach speeds up to 50 miles per hour on one of two tracks inspired by world-famous circuits, well, we’ve got plenty of that. Because the karts are clean and have no exhaust, you don’t even need to wear a fire suit, won’t get rattled by some clunky engine, and won’t leave smelling like fumes or gasoline. You’ll also accelerate about as fast as the Millennium Falcon engaged in “jump to light speed.”

Now, if karting isn’t your speed, you can unleash your inner Viking with axe throwing, one of America’s fastest-growing sports. Nothing is more primally satisfying than sticking an axe in a wooden bullseye, no matter how you throw it. Our “axe-perts” will coach you on the many ways to throw, including one-hand, two-hand overhead, or underhand, which feels like poetry in motion as the axe feels like it is throwing itself. If you want to really show off, though, ask one of our coaches to show you how to do the “Braveheart,” where you throw one axe in each hand and try to hit two bullseyes at the same time.

If axe throwing is too low-tech, you may want to try one of our award-winning virtual reality (VR) games. Chaos Jump gives you the chance to compete against your friends or team up together to fight enemies on multiple layers in a vast 3D universe.

When you’re not playing, you can enjoy a delicious meal, appetizer, or a local micro-brew, macro-brew, wine, cocktail, or mocktail while you watch all that’s going on around you. After all, watching people have fun is fun in itself.

Beyond all the fun things to do there is the practical side. With an area the size of two football fields, we can handle any type of party, large or small. Because it’s indoors, you also never have to worry about the weather.

The only downside is that a party here just goes by too fast. But the memories last forever.

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