3 Reasons Accelerate Go-Karting is For the Ladies

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Go-karting isn’t just for the guys! While it’s been a predominantly male-dominated activity for years, it’s time to show why it’s for the girls, too.

Go-karting is fun for everyone. It’s for the thrillseekers and adrenaline junkies, but it’s also for the people who enjoy perfecting a skill. It’s for the really competitive people but also for the people who just like trying something new. It’s for the guys AND for the girls!

It’s time to break the stigma we often notice that go-karting is only for the guys. Read on for the top things that make go-karting perfect for ladies, too.

Ladies’ night out

When was the last time you and your friends tried a fun, unique experience for ladies’ night? Have you ever considered doing something that involved a little competition and a lot of trying new things? That’s exactly what go-karting can be.

Grab your girls and head to the track. Whether you’re really competitive and want to make it a little interesting, or you just want to get better at something new together, it’s the perfect way to spend time together. Plus, you’ll all be able to show up the guys at the track after some practice!

Bachelorette parties

Just say no to boring bachelorette parties. Go-karting at Accelerate is the perfect addition to any bachelorette party, whether you’re from Chicago or visiting. We even have a bar and grill so you can enjoy some food and cocktails during your outing – the perfect way to get a bachelorette night started.

Choose from booking the entire track or coming in during regular hours (no reservations required for this option!). All that pent-up stress and frustration from wedding planning? The track is the perfect place to let it out by speeding around the track at speeds up to 50 MPH.


If you’re not already convinced that Accelerate is the place to be, maybe a discount will help. Ladies save $5 on their first race every Friday after 6 PM. What’s better than saving money while having an awesome time? Yes, the guys are always jealous of this deal!

It’s time to show the guys that go-karting is for girls, too! Grab your girls and hit the track. When will we see you?

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